I recently completed a 9-month PhD level course on “creativity” – what it is, where it comes from and how to nurture it’s expression.  We explored numerous points of view, engaged with world renowned experts and embraced our own creative processes. It was a fantastic experience!
Here’s what I would offer to the leadership discussion:
1. Are you prone to controlling others, micro-managing staff or projects?  Too much control and process deadens the creative spark in individuals and groups.  It strangles the natural impulse towards self expression, self-efficacy and innovation.
2. Are you operating in so much chaos that there is little clarity about goals, who is doing what and results are suffering?  Not enough structure prevents creative ideas from becoming valuable initiatives in an organization.  Many people play it safe when the environment is overly chaotic.
Oftentimes, I see both of these dynamics operating at the same time!  Finding the balance between the two is important and an on-going process of self-awareness, authentic discussion and some trial and error.
To further complicate matters, leaders with certain “work styles”  tend to prefer work with more structure and others with little.
When leading others, the question is not what your style or preference is, it’s “what is needed in the environment at this time?” 
I’m excited to join you on your leadership journey because…your leadership matters!
All the Best,

About the Author:

Carol is a co-founder and principal of The Lifework Institute. She brings more than 25 years experience coaching executives through personal and professional transitions and facilitating them and their organizations through periods of profound change.

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