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Leadership Development Re-Imagined:

The Leadership Laboratory
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Leadership Laboratory FAQ’s

A journey into the heart of “leadership” unlike anything you have ever experienced! Come join us in the Lab to develop the power to:

ACTIVATE the “Leader Within” you…and others.

All worthy leadership development begins with you – who you are, how you show up, what you believe and where your focus of attention goes, especially under pressure. In this session, we’ll launch our explorations and activate the possibilities inherent in you. Additionally, you’ll:

  • explore the changing face of leadership today and tomorrow
  • engage the part of you that aspires to and inherently knows how to lead
  • embrace the role self-awareness plays in developing leadership
  • adopt “accelerants” that will double or triple your growth
  • shift out of a “fixed” mindset into a “growth” mindset

ACCESS PERSONAL POWER whenever and wherever needed.

Leading well requires you to have a healthy relationship to “power” – what it is, how to acquire it, how to use it and when not to use it. In this session, we will take a direct and honest look at what “power” is, how you relate to it now and what you can do to enhance that relationship over time. We’ll also:

  • identify the different sources of power
  • learn the roadmap for accessing your personal power
  • understand the 4 stages of power and how they relate to you
  • explore the differences between masculine and feminine power
  • examine the over/under and mis-uses of power

INSPIRE OTHERS with vision, purpose and possibility.

According to research, the ability to be “visionary and purposeful” is the trait most highly correlated to leadership effectiveness…by far. Any undertaking to enhance this ability is worth the effort when it comes to leading others. During this session and follow-up activities, you will:

  • develop your innate “vision”
  • connect more deeply with purpose
  • open to possibilities beyond conventional thinking
  • inspire others with purpose and possibility
  • transform your relationship with fear and doubt

INFLUENCE OTHERS to buy-in to a vision, cause or project.

Old school “command and control” is fading as the predominant leadership style in our world of work and the ability to “influence and collaborate” is quickly becoming the preferred and more effective approach to leading others…and for good reason. The world of work has changed dramatically, and in most instances old school methods are too slow and cumbersome. Your leadership practices need to keep up! Through this session you’ll discover the power to:

  • influence others with grace and savvy
  • build deep alignment vs. struggling to reach agreement with others
  • instill clarity and commitment in employees/colleagues
  • foster open and authentic dialog about things that matter
  • build excitement and belief in yourself and others

TRANSFORM CONFLICT into a productive and creative force.

Put two or more people on a key project and sooner or later conflict will arise. It’s simply part of the human experience. How you as a leader perceive and handle that conflict determines whether it devolves into counter-productive tendencies or transforms into something creative and useful to the endeavor. In this session, you will:

  • understand the value of conflict
  • identify the different types of conflict
  • identify your conflict style and the styles of others
  • become more adept at handling conflict
  • learn how to reduce unproductive conflict in the workplace

ENHANCE RESULTS by adopting a few simple practices.

Results matter! And, leadership effectiveness is measured in the results you and those you are leading, achieve. While there’s more to leading others than the attainment of business results, without those results leadership is, in fact, ineffective. In this session, you’ll learn to:

  • adopt a longer-term view
  • ensure conditions for successful execution
  • implement a pace, plan and performance loop
  • examine your relationship to failure and why it matters
  • transform “failure” and setbacks into fuel for success

MAKE CRITICAL DECISIONS effectively and efficiently.

As we grow in our leadership reach…making decisions that are increasingly complex, representing a growing number of constituencies, and risking greater resources…our ability to be savvy about “how we decide” is important. As a result of this session, you will have the power to:

  • become more decisive and understand why that matters
  • examine and experiment with different modes of decision-making
  • balance the need for speed, accuracy and acceptance of your decisions
  • “up-level” your ability as a decision-maker
  • coach or influence others to make better decisions

FOSTER GREAT TEAMWORK and create highly effective cultures.

The ability to foster “team play” – teamwork within a team and/or across organizational silos, whether you are the team leader or not, is the second most highly correlated competency to leadership effectiveness. During this session, you will learn how to:

  • build more trust among colleagues
  • identify the key elements of any high functioning team and how to create it
  • understand the “3rd entity” and why it is so powerful
  • implement ground rules that build a successful “tribe” right out of the gate
  • encourage collaboration through the definition of “success”

Hello! My name is Carol Murray and I’m pleased to welcome you to The Leadership Laboratory, a “personal leadership acceleration” program to empower professionals at every level to make their best and most authentic … leadership contribution.

Drawing on the collective wisdom of industry experts, leadership gurus and coaches, researchers, psychologists and thought leaders, The Leadership Lab is the distillate of nearly three decades of experience and success coaching senior level executives, their teams and key contributors.

Spanning 9 weeks (one 90-minute live session per week) the program takes a deep dive into the real gist of what it is…to lead, regardless of your function, role, level or title. The program is designed to provide real learning and growth with real-world applications.

So, what do you get? Take the few minutes to explore the content and be sure to read the FAQs

Substantial scholarships are still available!
Email me for more information.

Leadership Laboratory FAQs

CULTIVATE your TALENTS by applying new skills and insights to a specific goal, project or team endeavor of your choosing.

The Laboratory experience consists of:

* 8 Live Teleconference Modules delivered over 9 weeks.

* Insight practices for the duration of the Lab.

* Weekly assignments for you, your “learning cohort” or your team.

* Live office hours scheduled periodically for specific questions and brief personal coaching.

* Opportunity for Q&A after class and periodically during the course.

* Participation in a private group to network and share ideas.

Check back soon for 2022 dates

WHERE: Wherever you are! All you need is a dial tone to participate.

(Have to miss a class? No problem, a recording of each session will be made available to class participants to listen to as often as you like.)

WHO: You of course! And your small team or learning partners.

FEES: Includes all assessments and materials
$875pp Individuals
$675pp Cohorts of 2 or more
$1575pp Executive Services Package, includes individual private coaching with Carol

(Team, small group and corporate discounts available. Partial scholarships available for those who need it. Email me to discuss.)

Designed and facilitated by Carol E. Murray, leadership coach, consultant and speaker. Founder of The Lifework Institute and

Leadership Laboratory FAQs

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