Planting Season

In 1997 Apple Computer’s stock fell to $1.00 per share and the company hovered near bankruptcy. What a difference 20 years can make! With shares at $200+ and an estimated value over $1 trillion (that’s spelled with a “t”) Apple’s turnaround is an epic in American business history.

The germ of an “idea”…the smart phone…began the firm’s meteoric rise to the top of the consumer technology world.

So, what’s your spark of an idea that, if properly fanned, could take hold and make a real contribution?

Ok, so it’s not the i-Phone, but maybe it’s taking a little extra time mentoring that “high potential” person on your team. Maybe you’ve mused about a new approach to execution or a creative way to reach the market or…or…

What’s your “tree” that needs planting today? It’s not too late! Let’s get started!

Great leaders not only have a spark of an idea…they enroll others in their vision. Want to know how they do it? Join me in The Leadership Laboratory.

I’m excited to join you on your leadership journey because…
your leadership matters!

All the best,


About the Author:

Carol is a co-founder and principal of The Lifework Institute. She brings more than 25 years experience coaching executives through personal and professional transitions and facilitating them and their organizations through periods of profound change.

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