Finding your way through fault and blame

What’s bothering you today?  Is anyone (or anything) standing in your way of leading the life you want?  Are others failing to deliver results?  Or to show up the way you need?  Is someone blocking your path to success?   Yep, you’re not alone!  We all encounter these frustrations…often.
However, if you are up to something big and important and/or leading others…this is the time to activate the “leader within” – the part of you that knows how to find, grow and employ personal power to achieve the results you desire.  Henry Ford gives us a clue: it’s not about “fault finding!”
What can you do today to transform “blame” into something much more valuable?
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I’m excited to join you on your leadership journey because…your leadership matters!
All the Best,

About the Author:

Carol is a co-founder and principal of The Lifework Institute. She brings more than 25 years experience coaching executives through personal and professional transitions and facilitating them and their organizations through periods of profound change.

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