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Coaching & Consulting

I specialize in engaging C-level executives and their leadership teams to address the challenges attendant to growth and change and to optimize individual, team and organizational performance.

Typically, senior level teams are comprised of talented, ambitious achievers with track records of individual performance.  Often however, these “individual” achievers don’t blend into a cohesive and highly functional unit. Inevitably, there are signs, often subtle at first, indicating senior executives have not yet come into alignment as a team.

While there are countless variations, these are some of the leadership challenges I am regularly engaged to address.

Have you noticed any of these common symptoms?

  1. Important senior executives don’t effectively “push back” on the CEO.
  2. Executives agree on a course of action in team meetings but then do whatever they individually believe to be the right thing.
  3. When meeting as a team, senior executives choose to tackle straightforward operational issues—where they are able to get to agreement quickly—rather than taking on the longer term, more challenging strategic concerns.
  4. Work style differences evolve into interpersonal conflict rather than creativity and innovation.
  5. Team meetings do not seem to be a good use of everyone’s time. Perhaps they lack focus and are boring and inconclusive.
  6. Functional heads are strong advocates for their own organizations but do not cooperatively forge cross-functional relationships.
  7. The senior leadership team is strong and functioning well, but the next tier of management has not yet stepped up to the plate.
  8. The current CEO (often CEO/Founder) and the new CEO succession candidate are struggling to find the right balance of communication, authority and control.
  9. The team is newly assembled and has not had the time together to gel into a high functioning unit. Worse, you are now out of time!
  10. The impact of the Board of Directors is counter-productive. Perhaps the Board is too involved, not involved enough, or divided in its mission.

“Of all the coaches and consultants I’ve worked with over the years, Carol is by far the most down-to-earth and practical.  Her solutions are common sense, specific to the moment and immediately applicable. She understands business and what a business needs from its leaders.  She’s flexible, easy to work with and tailors every assignment to our particular needs.”

Chief Human Resources Officer,
Global company

If any of these or similar challenges have surfaced in your world, let’s schedule a confidential phone call to discuss what’s on your mind – your issues and opportunities.  I will gladly give you the best of my thinking at that time and then we’ll take it from there…