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My philosophy is simple: Provide the least amount of
intervention that produces the result you desire.

Individual, Team and Organizational Assessments | Coaching & Consulting | Virtual Live Learning


I specialize in accelerating executive team performance. The greatest contribution I make is helping you and other key people think differently about your challenges and concerns.

Through 25+ years of advising thousands of senior executives, I’ve come to appreciate that the vast majority of them have what it takes to act decisively as soon as they have fresh insights into the complex issues they face.  By listening and asking thought provoking questions, I can help you expand your thinking and unlock your own intuition so you can see the underlying patterns that shape your business.

I have regularly been engaged to contribute in the following ways:

  • Partner with CEOs to provide an objective third party sounding board and serve as a mentor in the area of individual and team leadership.
  • Coach Executive Teams to create greater organizational alignment, resulting in the achievement of near and long-term objectives.
  • Provide Individual Executive Coaching and development of key players and high potential candidates.
  • Tailor and implement Leadership Assessments to improve both individual and organizational effectiveness.
  • Utilization and interpretation of state-of-the-art 360 Assessment Tools.
  • Design and facilitation of Executive Retreats and team building off-sites for senior teams and Boards.
  • Objective 3rd party Assessment of Executive Candidates under consideration.
  • On-Boarding New Executive Team Members, speeding their near-term contribution and integration.
  • Provide Shadow Consulting to HR professionals and other leaders responsible for enhancing the organization’s culture and improving employee engagement.
  • Provide Board of Directors unbiased assessments of executive talent.
  • Design and deliver Leadership Development Programs that are easily accessible and affordable.

In all likelihood, you’ve heard about my work from a former or current client.  Virtually all of my engagements are a result of referral.  If appropriate, let’s schedule a confidential phone call to discuss what’s on your mind – your issues and opportunities.  I’ll gladly give you the best of my thinking at that time and, if appropriate, then we’ll take it from there…

What I Know About You

You are successful, driven to produce results, and committed to doing the right thing to serve and grow your business.

  • You do not need a weekly coach; you would find value in a trusted advisor.
  • You do not want to sit through formal training programs (been there, done that).
  • You are not interested in a one-size-fits-all solution to leadership development.

You operate in a complex environment where speed of execution is crucial, and your senior leaders must perform as an aligned team. You probably have great instincts for finding talent, but you may have inherited team members who are performing below par or super stars who need to learn to work together.

Whether you’re addressing leadership development for the first time in your career or you’re a seasoned pro, you understand that your effectiveness as a leader depends on your ability to “unleash” the creativity of individuals who report to you and “harness” their productivity as a team.