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Individual, Team and Organizational Assessments

Can you imagine running your business without key performance indicators (KPI)?

Of course not.

When it comes to leadership, however, companies often do not have objective ways to measure executives’ leadership effectiveness, potential, or impact.

How a senior executive produces results has enormous consequences for leadership development in the company as a whole, succession planning, longer term financial success, employee morale, public perception of the business, and social value.

Is it time for you or your team to move from your “comfort zone” into a “growth zone?”

Taking a brief assessment is often the first step. By itself an assessment does not improve performance, but a good assessment leads to self-awareness, and self-awareness is the key trigger for personal change, as well as organizational transformation.  Those memorable—sometimes funny, occasionally painful—“ah-ha” moments actually spur us to make the changes that move us in the direction of our personal and organizational goals.

Good assessment tools provide us several benefits:

  • To define a starting place for personal, team and organizational leadership development so we can measure progress over time.
  • To establish a common framework and language for individual and team development.
  • To gain pertinent feedback from others that we simply don’t get any other way.

There are many effective “growth” tools in the marketplace.  Over the years I’ve been exposed to, am certified in the use of, and have utilized a broad range of tools in my practice.   Today, I choose to use those that meet two more criteria:

  1. The tool or model itself teaches critical skills for leadership.
  2. Tools that scores of business leaders have found provocative, inspirational and fun.

All of these tools provide insight into leadership talents, blind spots and opportunities for growth. They also provide a platform for rich reflection and discourse around what is truly inspiring to the learner.

Want to be a better leader by this afternoon?

Leadership development requires time and commitment, but anyone can do a better job of leading in just a few minutes with the adoption of a few good habits. The Everything DiSC Work of Leaders assessment provides a roadmap for what the leading process actually is and offers 18 leadership practices any one can do.


Want an MRI of your leadership?

The Leadership Circle Profile, a next-gen 360 leadership assessment, analyzes the balance an executive brings to relationships vs. tasks as well as the strength of creative competencies vs reactive tendencies. The report provides a thorough and detailed analysis of how the executive leads.

I often use the companion tool, the Leadership Circle Culture Survey as a snapshot of the company culture before beginning a leadership alignment initiative.  


Did you know?

The ability to foster effective teamwork is highly correlated to leadership effectiveness and business results. In fact, only the ability to manage vision and purpose has a higher correlation to leadership effectiveness and business results.

The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team is built on Patrick Lencioni’s best-selling book on teamwork, The Five Behaviors of a Dysfunctional Team.


Want to be a better leader by this afternoon?
Purchase your Everything DiSC Work of Leaders assessment here.

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