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FAQs for The Leadership Laboratory

If you have a question that is not answered below, contact Carol!

Who does this leadership development program best serve?

Great question. I designed this course specifically for those who are highly motivated to increase their impact in the world and their effectiveness in leading others.

Have many years of leadership experience? This is a fabulous opportunity to sharpen your focus, deepen your expertise and experience fresh new insights that will greatly enhance your ability to lead your organization and develop other leaders. You may want to consider enrolling your whole team.

Leading for a few years, perhaps mid-career, and looking to grow?   This is for you. Honestly, you’ll wish you had been exposed to some of the material years ago. (That’s what clients often say.) You will find the vast majority of the material immediately applicable and see positive results for years to come.

Just beginning your leadership journey?   Well, I can’t think of a better way to launch your leadership career. You may feel like you are taking a drink out of a fire-hose, but many of the key insights will serve you the rest of your life. If you are highly motivated and can identify a project, step on up!

Teleconference format? Really? Does this work?
Yes, it does! I know – I had the same concern a few years ago. Here’s what I’ve learned from my own direct experience having participated in at least 6 significant (5-18 week-long) personal/professional development programs…virtually (a combination of audio, video, webinar formats.)   The ones with video and webinar features (white boards, polling, etc.) were too busy, too multi-tasking oriented for deep introspection and insight harvesting.   And, when given a choice most attendees opted for the audio-only portion in any case. The key to success in the Leadership Lab is the “mind-set shifts” that are a key part of each component.   Without that, the skills/tools are just that…a collection of tools. But augmenting those new skills and tools with profound insights, motivated learners excel.

What’s a “learning cohort” and why would I choose to participate with one?
Leadership is not a solo endeavor! It’s all about our impact on others. Cutting edge practices in the leadership development field rely on learners developing and honing their leadership abilities…together.   For our purposes, a “learning cohort” is made up of 2 or more individuals, across your organization or outside it, who want to learn together. And are committed to supporting the growth and development of all members of the cohort.   You do not need to be in the same location to listen to the calls, but you will want to schedule virtual or in-person meetings (or a combination) periodically to discuss your insights and project progress.  Cohorts will be provided weekly discussion questions after each module.

How does it work for an intact team?

Great! This is simply the most powerful way to transform and elevate a team’s performance, especially if the ability to “lead others” brilliantly matters to the organization. First, though, the team needs to be relatively healthy and functioning well. This program is best for teams committed to going from “good to great” in their performance. Intact teams will be provided weekly discussion questions after each module.

Please contact me if you are considering this program for your intact team. It’s important that the team is ready for this and is set up well to make the most of the endeavor.

Tell me more about the “projects” we will be choosing and why they matter.
You will receive maximum value from the course once you’ve applied your new insights, perspectives, knowledge and skills to something important to you in your life…your project. The deepest learning comes through this direct application.   If you are already leading others, an idea may come immediately to mind. If you are not currently in a leadership role, you are encouraged to “raise your hand” for a special project either within your current environment or outside of work.   Between assignments? You can even imagine leading a team or project in the future.   Once enrolled in the program, you will receive more information about how to choose the right project and how best to set it up.

What if I have to miss a class? (Or, I can’t listen in during the live call?)
All sessions will be recorded and made available shortly after the live call.   Some participants will miss a live class or two, due to travel schedules and other events. I strongly encourage you to listen to the call during the week it happens live, if possible. That’s the beauty of this format. You don’t have to wait until the “conditions are perfect” to enroll.   You can adopt the format and adapt it to your schedule and routine. You will likely want to listen to some of the sessions more than once.

What are the private coaching sessions and how do I best use them?
It’s my absolute commitment that participants have the very best opportunity to exceed their own expectations of growth and development during the program. These sessions are designed to help participants deepen their insights and apply the material to their lives. If you have enrolled in the Executive Services Package, these sessions are designed to help you deepen your insights and apply the material to your life currently. You will drive the agenda and we will schedule these sessions at mutually convenient times throughout the nine weeks.

This program seems extensive and fast-paced. What if I can’t do all the assignments?
This program is designed for motivated adult learners who take charge of their lives and take responsibility for their own learning.   One of the program’s ground rules is to “be all in” during the nine weeks. But what that means to each participant varies.   This type of learning is not necessarily a matter of quantity of activity, nor even how much time is devoted to it. It’s really about how open you are to learn about yourself, how willing you are to question some of your limiting beliefs, and how courageous you are to try something new. As former participants have found, you may find yourself returning to your notes for years to come.

What’s your refund policy?
If you need to drop the course for any reason, you may do so up until one week before the first session for a full refund, less an enrollment fee of $100. (The enrollment fee can be applied to a future program.) If you have an unusual circumstance preventing you from participating after that, please contact me and let’s discuss a mutually agreeable arrangement.

What if I have other questions or concerns?
Contact me!   Best way to reach me is via email – or try calling if you prefer, 803-656-5826