Self Respect

What does self respect have to do with leadership?  Well, everything.  Early in our lives we strive for success, for positional power, for money, for fame, for reputation, for things – all with the hope that we will be seen, accepted, included, respected, valued, loved, or whatever… from the outside, from others.
Yet, the journey to truly enlightened leadership begins with a growing sense of authorship of your life and that requires deep self-worth – worthiness that is not attached to results or anything you do, have, or contribute.  Deep self worth that simply…is.
Want to experience more self worth?  Take a few minutes each day to show yourself great respect.  Respect your dreams, your gifts, your mind, your feelings, your body and anything else that comes to mind!
I’m excited to join you on your leadership journey because…your leadership matters!
All the Best,

About the Author:

Carol is a co-founder and principal of The Lifework Institute. She brings more than 25 years experience coaching executives through personal and professional transitions and facilitating them and their organizations through periods of profound change.

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