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Carol Murray, Leadership Training

“Our leadership matters…more today than at any time in the history of business and commerce.”

The warp speed of change…be it in technology, the marketplace or the economy demands an extraordinary level of leadership agility.

Are your leadership practices keeping pace?

Welcome!  My name is Carol Murray, and as Co-Founder and Principal of The Lifework Institute, I have been privileged to work with scores of the business world’s most successful executives and industry leaders.

In my 20+ year role as a leadership and organizational consultant and coach, I have partnered with C-level executives and their teams to amplify individual and organizational leadership effectiveness. The results have been both measurable and rewarding for the individuals, teams and organizations they serve.

I would be honored to share with you what I’ve learned and, if appropriate, embark with you today on a journey of mutual discovery culminating in an even more effective YOU tomorrow.

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Five Behaviors Partner and Facilitator
Five Behaviors Partner and Facilitator

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